Bethany Miller-Urroz

As a Brit, studying the American Revolution “from the other side” when I came to school in the US was quite eye-opening compared to what I had previously learned. But Lafayette is a perfect example of an immigrant who came and helped to enrich the history of the United States, and I’m honored to be continuing that legacy.”
Bethany Miller-Urroz is Vice President at Lyniate, an international healthcare technology integration company. Bethany is from Glasgow, Scotland, and grew up all over the UK, before moving to the United States as a teenager. She attended Belmont University in Nashville, TN, before moving to Atlanta, GA for work. In LaGrange, she has found a home where she is a supporter of local arts, a member of the Order of the Tartan, and events committee president of Troup County Historical Society. She lives in Lagrange with her husband, stepchildren, and toddler, Penleope.