Christiane Price

Chris was born in Berlin, Germany, spent her AFS sponsored Senior High School year in Greenville, South Carolina and upon her return to her home, finished “Abitur” and MA requirements in French, English, and American Literature at the Freie Universitaet Berlin, including a year-long “Propedeutique” at the Sorbonne, Paris. Chris was invited to come back to Greenville to teach German at Furman. There, she met and married Dr. Bill Price who had lived five years in Germany.

Establishing life together in Atlanta, teaching and pastoring, Chris entered Emory University to pursue her Ph.D. studies in Comparative Literature which she finalized with her “Faust” thesis, sent by mail from Yale University Campus where Bill had accepted a Post Doctoral Fellowship. When moving from New England to Oxford, England for more Reformation studies, Christopher and Catherine were born.

Chris’ international passion for student and teacher exchanges to and from “America’s Greatest Little City” continued with AFS- EFAN- NACEL programs she lead- each at different intervals- for over 25 years while teaching part-time German, French, Humanities and ESL courses at 2 different area colleges until her retirement in 2015.

“Vive Lafayette within our joint membership “on board” this amazing “ALLIANCE” here, we are enjoying new learning experiences as ‘octogenarians’ with CUR NON enthusiasm, feeling privileged to spearhead the Art Competition among High School students in this wonderful community! Our passionate goal: a revitalization of youth exchanges between LePuy and LaGrange as in years past, thanks to visionary and most generous support from school principals and best host families here and abroad. (Two THS students spent a privately initiated academic year each via our Rotary friends in LePuy-(MERCI LAFAYETTE!)”