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The Lafayette Alliance is an organization founded in 2017 and based in LaGrange, Georgia that seeks to inspire, illuminate, and unite, all in the Spirit of Lafayette. Each year the Lafayette Alliance hosts a wreath-laying ceremony on the LaGrange square to commemorate the life and legacy of Lafayette.

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Thank you to the following for their generous support

Cockade Society Members – $5000 plus

Richard and Janice Ingram
Callaway Foundation, Inc.

Updated 5 May 2022

Adrienne Society Members – $1000

George Henry
Nick Vlachos, MD

Updated 5 May 2022

Cur Non! Society Members – $500

Ann & Ted Beason
Judith and Taylor Merrill
The Georgia Society, Sons of the American Revolution

Updated 5 May 2022

Robert M. and Cathy S. Stout

Updated 5 May 2022

Cadmus Society Members – $300


David Evert
Linda H. McMullen, PhD

Updated 5 May 2022

Redoubt #10 Society Members – $200

Ellen Hudson Harris
Jerry and Nita Overall
Zachary and Mary Ellen Taylor
Colonel George Edward Thurmond

Updated 5 May 2022

Commander Glenn Quiggle USN (Ret)
Jason & Stacey Weldon

Updated 5 May 2022

La Victoire Society Members – $100

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Acree
Dr. John A. Beyers
Graham J. Brent
Lauranne Buchanan
Carol and Ellis Cadenhead
Dorthy and Bobby Cammon
Bobby and Molly Carmichael
Gary and Raylene Carter
John Cipola
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Copeland
Jane Alice Craig
Coleman and Amy Foss
Mr. Sydney Gay
Mr. Ralph Howard, Jr
Gail Hunnicutt
Dr. Shawn and Kathy Mathews
Mickey and Carolyn McCoy
Eve and John McKibbin
Dodie Patterson
Margaret Schaufler
Nancy K. Stevens
Martha Thom
Robert Tucker
Zachry Family
Lafayette Christian School

Updated 5 May 2022


David & Ann Blackwell

Updated 5 May 2022

L’Hermione Society Members – $50

Beverly Bartley
Joanna Baxter
John Becica
Ken and Lisa Boatwright
Bob and Judy Ellis
Oliver & Annie Greene
Mr & Mrs. Thelon Hamby
Dr. Jane D. Hollis
Charlotte Houze
Alex Hughes & Katie Still
Tony & Janet Hughes
Meredith Ingram
Forrest & Shannon Gavin Johnson
Kelly R. & Carole D. Lunch
Margaret Lukken
Julian & Linda Mack
Alfred and Beverly McNair
Freeman and Carlene Mills
Mandi Nash
Christiane Price
Don Russell
Laura Shedd
Sandy & Debbie Simmons
Ann F. & John W. Stewart
Ernest and Janet Sutton
Joe H. Thompson
Kerri Vice
Calvin and Pat Wingo

Updated 5 May 2022

Murray Schine

Updated 5 May 2022

Lafayette Supporter – $25

Gerald Breed
Jeff & Shirley Brown
Mrs. J.W. Carr
Tim Chislom
Denise and Ken Fine
Jane Fryer
Patricia Gilbert
Tommy and Marcine Gresham
Mr. Barry N. Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Jackson, Jr
Mr. and Mrs. Julian M. Jones IV
Chris and Emily Joseph
Sue S. Larkin
Mary Katherine Moon Fogg
Michael Sanderson, Marquis de Lafayette Chapter, GSSAR
Hubert R. Shepherd
Anne H. Stich
Mrs. Gail C. Walsh
Zeke Weldon
Andy and Clairnelle Wilkerson
Mary Ann Wilson

Updated 5 May 2022