The mission of the Lafayette Alliance is to inspire, illuminate, and unite, all in the Spirit of Lafayette.



celebrating our heritage

bringing our community together through history


One person can change the world. Cicero said all virtues hinge first on gratitude; Aristotle said courage foremost. Lafayette speaks to both.


Liberty, equality, and justice are verbs. They take work. Lafayette believed them to be at the heart of the idea of America.


One person can be heroic. It takes perseverance. It takes vision. Lafayette owned both.

The Spirit of Lafayette

It’s the undistracted moment, in the quiet of early morning.

It’s a contingent instant when things can go either way and you make the call.

It’s letting go and making what is to come better.

It’s the hot dog, at the ball game with the children.

It’s hope, dressed in flannel shirts and worn-out jeans.

Our Journal

bringing history to life

The more we know about Lafayette, the more we understand our present world and nation. Those who publish articles bring differing perspectives and opinions to the life and legacy of Lafayette.

Statue of Lafayette in LaGrange, GA

The statue of General Lafayette in LaGrange is cast from an original in LePuy-en-Velay, France near where Lafayette was born.


It depicts the Marquis in his French National Guard uniform holding aloft a cockade of red, white, and blue. A cockade was a ribbon worn in one’s hat to signify an affiliation.


Dr. Waights G. Henry, Jr., President of LaGrange College, initiated the project in 1974 which was backed by the Callaway Foundation. The statue was erected in 1975 as a tribute to the Marquis and to the Bicentennial of the American Revolution.


It is on permanent loan to the City of LaGrange from LaGrange College.

Statue of Lafayette in downtown LaGrange GA