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Lafayette is fun to learn about!

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Born September 6, 1757 in Chavaniac, France

Sailed to America aboard  La Victoire at age 19, on April 20, 1777

Commissioned a Major General in the Continental Army

He was:
A Friend – to George Washington
Fearless – Served in 4 battles
Honest – Trusted by many
A leader – Advocate for slaves

Georgia is one of only four states in America that now celebrates a Lafayette day

Kindle Book featuring Lafayette

fun activity

Make your own Tricorn Hat

During the American Revolution, men turned up the brim of their hats to make a Tricorn Hat. This activity will create a paper hat that looks like one Lafayette and George Washington would have worn!

Scissors, black or dark blue construction paper, a stapler or glue, and a white crayon.
To make the hat first cut out the pattern, trace with a white crayon to make 3 identical pieces. Then staple or glue the pieces together. You can add a bow or a paper cockade.