The more we know about Lafayette, the more we understand our present world and nation. Those who publish articles bring differing perspectives and opinions to the life and legacy of Lafayette.

Feb 2024
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Lafayette was Here – 199 Years Ago Today!

February 18, 2024 Uncategorized

North Carolina History MuseumSaturday, March 2, 3:00 pm Lafayette was Here – 199 Years Ago Today!North Carolina…Read More

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An Evening with Lafayette & Adrienne

February 18, 2024 Uncategorized

Please join the American Friends of Lafayette for an extraordinary evening filled with elegance, culture, and philanthropy…Read More

Jun 2023
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Why did you join the Alliance? Denise and Ken Fine respond…

July 9, 2022 Journal

Two of the newest members of the Lafayette Alliance, Denise and Ken Fine, were asked why they…Read More

May 2022
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The AFL’s Important Partnerships

May 28, 2022 Journal

by Chuck Schwam, originally featured in The Gazette of the American Friends of Lafayette No. 96 Part…Read More

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2022 Student Art Competition Winners

May 7, 2022 News & Announcements

The Alliance’s student art competition was a great success this year! We would like to thank the…Read More

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Lafayette Day 2022: Wreath Laying Ceremony

May 5, 2022 Events

Join us on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, at 10:00 AM on Lafayette Square in LaGrange, Georgia! The…Read More

Apr 2022
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People Ask Me Why

April 13, 2022 Journal

I was at a fast food joint, Making notes with my ball point, When Jay Leno came…Read More

Jan 2022
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Lafayette Alliance partners with National History Day Georgia

January 14, 2022 News & Announcements

The Lafayette Alliance is excited to announce its partnership with National History Day West Georgia and National…Read More

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Visiting the Marquis de Lafayette

January 3, 2022 Journal

The Marquis de Lafayette was a French aristocrat who served in the American army as a Major…Read More

Dec 2021
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2022 Student Art Competition

December 8, 2021 Events

Subject:  Chateau de LaGrange-Bleneau Background: The Chateau de LaGrange-Bleneau is thirty miles east of Paris, France. Originally…Read More

Sep 2021
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Hispanic History Month and Lafayette

September 21, 2021 Journal

by Richard Ingram, Chair, Lafayette Alliance Hispanic History Month is the perfect occasion to recall General Lafayette’s…Read More

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Lafayette Day 2021

September 6, 2021 Events, News & Announcements

Thanks to LaGrange Television and the City of LaGrange, the Lafayette Alliance premiered its Lafayette Day 2021…Read More

Aug 2021
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Lafayette and Liberty: Richard Ingram opines on Mike Duncan’s recent book

August 31, 2021 Journal

Podcaster Mike Duncan’s, “Hero of Two Worlds:  The Marquis de Lafayette in the Age of Revolution,” released…Read More

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Cockade Issue I

A benefit of membership in the Lafayette Alliance is early access to The Cockade. Would you like…Read More

Jul 2021
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Winning Essays

July 22, 2021 News & Announcements

Lafayette’s Escape from Prison by Eli Spears Saturday, November 6th, 1794 Day… Day I can’t seem to…Read More

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Lafayette and Inoculation

July 19, 2021 Journal

By Richard Ingram, Chair, Lafayette Alliance       In Lafayette’s time, the eighteenth century, smallpox killed more…Read More

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Lafayette, Washington, Jefferson, and Ice Cream

July 18, 2021 Journal

Today, Sunday, July 18, 2021, is National Ice Cream Day! Thanks to President Ronald Reagan, we celebrate…Read More

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James Armistead Lafayette: What We Know And Don’t Know

July 12, 2021 Journal

James Armistead Lafayette Notes Edited by Richard Ingram, Chair, Lafayette Alliance Early YearsJames was born December 10,…Read More

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2022 Speaker Series

The 2022 Lafayette Alliance Speaker Series was announced tonight during the Julien Icher lecture. Alliance Secretary, Alex…Read More

May 2021
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Matthew Oleson Trendsetter

May 19, 2021 Journal

Matthew Oleson achieves two things, one much less obvious than the other.  Oleson owns CheesyMac Deli, Bull…Read More

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Essay and Art Competition Winners!

May 17, 2021 News & Announcements

The Lafayette Alliance hosted an essay and art competition this semester for students in grades ten through…Read More

Apr 2021
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Lafayette Cur Non! – A Play

April 1, 2021 Journal

Lafayette Alliance Chair Richard Ingram has written two plays about Lafayette. This is the play entitled “Lafayette:…Read More

Mar 2021
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Essay and Art Competiton

March 15, 2021 Events, News & Announcements

Lafayette Alliance Essay Instructions  This essay competition is open for Grades Ten, Eleven, and Twelve. Choose one…Read More

Feb 2021
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Lafayette and Lafayette – A Play

February 15, 2021 Journal

In celebration of Black History Month the Lafayette Alliance would like to share a play written by…Read More

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Lafayette Day 2020 Video

February 14, 2021 Events

Thanks to LaGrange Television and the City of LaGrange, the Lafayette Alliance presented its Lafayette Day 2020…Read More

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Inaugural Speaker Series

February 11, 2021 Events

The Lafayette Alliance is excited to present its inaugural speaker series! We hosted Lafayette scholars and enthusiasts…Read More

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Lafayette and Justice

February 11, 2021 Journal

August Landmesser was one man in a crowd of one hundred gathered in a shipyard at Hamburg,…Read More

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Lafayette Rogue Double Agent

February 1, 2021 Journal

It’s interesting to me that Ralph Ellison should choose to write about “James Armistead Lafayette.”      Almost…Read More

Dec 2020
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Bridging the Racial Divide in the Spirit of Lafayette

December 16, 2020 Journal

The following is the text from a talk given on Saturday, December 12th by Richard Ingram hosted…Read More

Sep 2020
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Lafayette and the Battle of Brandywine

September 11, 2020 Journal

Several years ago we visited friends in Wilmington, Delaware, a beautiful part of our country and steeped…Read More

Aug 2020
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Take a Fresh Look at Lafayette

August 29, 2020 Journal

Many of us, I suspect, have so often driven past the statue of the Marquis de Lafayette…Read More

Apr 2019
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Lafayette Alliance Logo

The Most Popular Man in America

April 16, 2019 Journal

He was the most popular man in America.  More than this, he was also the most revered. …Read More

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Lafayette Scholar Comes to LaGrange

April 16, 2019 Journal

Alan Hoffman is a Lafayette Scholar.  He’s coming to LaGrange. Pitch a crowd of scholars into a…Read More

Feb 2019
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February 6 Deserves Salute

February 11, 2019 Journal

February 6 deserves at the very least a respectful nod.  The United States would not have become…Read More

Jul 2018
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The Lafayette Connection—What’s It About?

July 26, 2018 Journal

Some people seem to think: I live in a town with a French name, but nobody I…Read More

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Shrimp Lafayette

July 26, 2018 Journal

“Shrimp Lafayette” catches my eye.  I ask the waitress about it. Janice, Dad, and I had hiked…Read More

Mar 2018
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Lafayette: Lifelong Protester

March 14, 2018 Journal

I am not native to this area.  I was raised some five hours west of here in…Read More

Feb 2018
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Marquis de Lafayette and Education

February 13, 2018 Journal

While teaching my eighth grade US history classes during their American Revolution unit, I asked my students,…Read More

Dec 2017
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Lafayette and LaGrange as Destination

December 19, 2017 Journal

Georgia House Resolution 899 was put in the hopper January 18, 2018, by Representative Randy Nix and…Read More