Essay and Art Competition Winners!

May 17, 2021 News & Announcements

The Lafayette Alliance hosted an essay and art competition this semester for students in grades ten through twelve. Led by Lafayette Alliance board member, Dr. Christiane Price, submissions were due May 7, 2021, at noon and judging occurred May 8, 2021. Essay judges included Christy Barker, Biblical History Center, Cathy Hunt, Troup County Board of Education, and Dr. Jack Slay, LaGrange College. Art judges included Dr. Elizabeth Appleby, LaGrange College, Marcia Brown, LaGrange College, and Laura Jennings, LaGrange Art Museum. The Lafayette Alliance received a large number of exceptional entries regarding General Lafayette and his life. Winners of the essay competition are in order of ranking; Eli Spears, Nancy Caldwell, and Chase Whitlow. Art competition winners are in order of ranking Chloe Harrell and Madalyn Bozeman.

Art Judges left to right: Laura Jennings, Dr. Elizabeth Appleby, and Marcia Brown. Winning art submissions left to right: Chloe Harrell’s entry and Madalyn Bozeman’s entry.
First place winner Chloe Harrell with her entry.

Second place winner Madlyn Bozeman from LaGrange High School with her entry. Accompanied by her teacher Rushton McHugh (left) and Dr. Richard Ingram (right), Lafayette Alliance Chair.
LaGrange Academy winners Eli Spears, Nancy Caldwell, Chase Whitlow, and Chloe Harrell. Accompanied by their Head of School Brian Dolinger, Mr. Earl Marsh, and Ms. Gail Rachmuth.