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Sep 2020
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Lafayette and the Battle of Brandywine

September 11, 2020 Journal

Several years ago we visited friends in Wilmington, Delaware, a beautiful part of our country and steeped…Read More

Aug 2020
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Take a Fresh Look at Lafayette

August 29, 2020 Journal

     Many of us, I suspect, have so often driven past the statue of the Marquis de…Read More

Apr 2019
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The Most Popular Man in America

April 16, 2019 Journal

He was the most popular man in America.  More than this, he was also the most revered. …Read More

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Lafayette Scholar Comes to LaGrange

April 16, 2019 Journal

Alan Hoffman is a Lafayette Scholar.  He’s coming to LaGrange. Pitch a crowd of scholars into a…Read More

Feb 2019
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February 6 Deserves Salute

February 11, 2019 Journal

February 6 deserves at the very least a respectful nod.  The United States would not have become…Read More

Jul 2018
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The Lafayette Connection—What’s It About?

July 26, 2018 Journal

Some people seem to think: I live in a town with a French name, but nobody I…Read More

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Shrimp Lafayette

July 26, 2018 Journal

“Shrimp Lafayette” catches my eye.  I ask the waitress about it. Janice, Dad, and I had hiked…Read More

Mar 2018
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Lafayette: Lifelong Protester

March 14, 2018 Journal

I am not native to this area.  I was raised some five hours west of here in…Read More

Feb 2018
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Marquis de Lafayette and Education

February 13, 2018 Journal

While teaching my eighth grade US history classes during their American Revolution unit, I asked my students,…Read More

Dec 2017
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Lafayette and LaGrange as Destination

December 19, 2017 Journal

Georgia House Resolution 899 was put in the hopper January 18, 2018, by Representative Randy Nix and…Read More