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People Ask Me Why

April 13, 2022 Journal

I was at a fast food joint, Making notes with my ball point, When Jay Leno came to mind, Where he would find Random people on the street, Give a cordial meet and greet, Then…Read More

Visiting the Marquis de Lafayette

January 3, 2022 Journal

The Marquis de Lafayette was a French aristocrat who served in the American army as a Major General during the Revolutionary War. The Marquis was serving in France in the Royal Army when he heard…Read More

Hispanic History Month and Lafayette

September 21, 2021 Journal

by Richard Ingram, Chair, Lafayette Alliance Hispanic History Month is the perfect occasion to recall General Lafayette’s links to Hispanic supporters of the American Revolutionary War and to his support for independence movements in Central…Read More

Lafayette and Liberty: Richard Ingram opines on Mike Duncan’s recent book

August 31, 2021 Journal

Podcaster Mike Duncan’s, “Hero of Two Worlds:  The Marquis de Lafayette in the Age of Revolution,” released August 23rd this year, details the life of The Apostle of Liberty.        Only nineteen years old and he…Read More

Lafayette and Inoculation

July 19, 2021 Journal

By Richard Ingram, Chair, Lafayette Alliance       In Lafayette’s time, the eighteenth century, smallpox killed more people than war.  Inoculation as means of preventing devastating disease was not a given.  It was contentious.      …Read More

Lafayette, Washington, Jefferson, and Ice Cream

July 18, 2021 Journal

Today, Sunday, July 18, 2021, is National Ice Cream Day! Thanks to President Ronald Reagan, we celebrate National Ice Cream Day every third Sunday in July. In 1984, Reagan decreed a day for ice cream,…Read More

James Armistead Lafayette: What We Know And Don’t Know

July 12, 2021 Journal

James Armistead Lafayette Notes Edited by Richard Ingram, Chair, Lafayette Alliance Early YearsJames was born December 10, 1748, in New Kent County, Virginia. Some sources suggest he was born in 1760, or that his birthplace…Read More

Matthew Oleson Trendsetter

May 19, 2021 Journal

Matthew Oleson achieves two things, one much less obvious than the other.  Oleson owns CheesyMac Deli, Bull Street, LaGrange, now in its fourth month.      First, he holds mac-and-cheese aloft, off the assembly line of…Read More

Lafayette Cur Non! – A Play

April 1, 2021 Journal

Lafayette Alliance Chair Richard Ingram has written two plays about Lafayette. This is the play entitled “Lafayette: Cur Non!” This play is copyrighted by the Lafayette Alliance. It may be used in whole or in part for schools…Read More

Lafayette and Lafayette – A Play

February 15, 2021 Journal

In celebration of Black History Month the Lafayette Alliance would like to share a play written by its Chair, Richard Ingram. The play’ subject is James Armistead Lafayette and the Marquis de Lafayette. “This play is copyrighted…Read More