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May 2021
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Matthew Oleson Trendsetter

May 19, 2021 Journal

Matthew Oleson achieves two things, one much less obvious than the other.  Oleson owns CheesyMac Deli, Bull…Read More

Feb 2021
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Lafayette and Justice

February 11, 2021 Journal

August Landmesser was one man in a crowd of one hundred gathered in a shipyard at Hamburg,…Read More

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Lafayette Rogue Double Agent

February 1, 2021 Journal

It’s interesting to me that Ralph Ellison should choose to write about “James Armistead Lafayette.”      Almost…Read More

Dec 2020
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Bridging the Racial Divide in the Spirit of Lafayette

December 16, 2020 Journal

The following is the text from a talk given on Saturday, December 12th by Richard Ingram hosted…Read More

Sep 2020
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Lafayette and the Battle of Brandywine

September 11, 2020 Journal

Several years ago we visited friends in Wilmington, Delaware, a beautiful part of our country and steeped…Read More

Aug 2020
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Take a Fresh Look at Lafayette

August 29, 2020 Journal

     Many of us, I suspect, have so often driven past the statue of the Marquis de…Read More

Apr 2019
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Lafayette Alliance Logo

The Most Popular Man in America

April 16, 2019 Journal

He was the most popular man in America.  More than this, he was also the most revered. …Read More

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Lafayette Scholar Comes to LaGrange

April 16, 2019 Journal

Alan Hoffman is a Lafayette Scholar.  He’s coming to LaGrange. Pitch a crowd of scholars into a…Read More

Feb 2019
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February 6 Deserves Salute

February 11, 2019 Journal

February 6 deserves at the very least a respectful nod.  The United States would not have become…Read More

Jul 2018
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The Lafayette Connection—What’s It About?

July 26, 2018 Journal

Some people seem to think: I live in a town with a French name, but nobody I…Read More