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Marquis de Lafayette (September 6, 1757-May 20, 1834) dedicated his life and fortune to the three ideas that launched the Modern Era:  Liberty, Equality, and Justice.

“l’Hermione,” a French vessel (550 tons, 145’) transported Lafayette for the second time to America, from Rochefort, March 10, 1780, to Boston, April 27, 1780, with the news that French ships and soldiers were coming to join the Continental Army.  ‘Hermione’ in Greek mythology was the only daughter of Menelaus, King of Sparta, and his wife Helen of Troy.

“La Victoire” was the vessel Lafayette purchased at Bordeaux when he was 19 (112,000 livres, 40,000 down) which transported him for the first time to America, April 20, 1777, to June 13, 1777.  Never idle, he used his time to learn English.

At 6:30 PM, October 14, 1781, Yorktown, Virginia, Major General Lafayette ordered Colonel Alexander Hamilton to storm Redoubt #10; 400 light infantry, muskets unloaded, but bayonets fixed, captured it within an hour.

“Cadmus,” an American merchant vessel, (306 tones, 97’6”) transported Lafayette from Le Havre, July 13, 1824, to Staten Island, August 15, 1824, to begin his “Farewell Tour of America.”  ‘Cadmus’ was the first Greek hero, a slayer of dragons.

“Cur Non!” or “Why Not!” was Lafayette’s philosophy, engraved on his coat of arms, and a high spirited challenge to explore novel ideas and to make principle high purpose.

Adrienne, Marquise de Lafayette (November 2, 1759-December 24, 1807) was a woman of bearing who possessed clarity of purpose and an indomitable sense of personal agency.

Lafayette designed the red, white and blue circular pleated ribbon called a ‘cockade’ when he was commander of the Parisian National Guard; it was a unifying symbol, the red and blue representing the people of Paris, and the white the King of France.  This is what Lafayette holds aloft in the statue downtown LaGrange.

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