Our Members

Thank you to the following for their generous support

Cockade Society Members – $5000 plus

Richard and Janice Ingram
Callaway Foundation, Inc.

Updated 5 Sept 2023

Adrienne Society Members – $1000

Anne and Ted Beason
Sandra and Eddie Knowlton

Updated 5 Sept 2023

Cur Non! Society Members – $500

Elsie and Tommy Harris
Helen Freeman Henry
Jan and Brian Lockerbie
Kathy Mathews
Judith and Taylor Merrill
Nick Vlachos, MD

Updated 5 Sept 2023

Cadmus Society Members – $300

Dorothy and Bob Cammon
Bonnie and Chuck Schwam

Updated 5 Sept 2023

Redoubt #10 Society Members – $200

Nancy and Dean Larson
Nita and Jerry Overall
Cathy and Robert Stout

Updated 5 Sept 2023

La Victoire Society Members – $100

Mr. and Mrs. Marc Acree
Cathy and Jim Arrington
John Becica
Ann and David Blackwell
Lisa and Ken Boatwright
Libba and Bill Bowling
Graham Brent
Dr. Bob Copeland
Jane Alice Craig
Downtown LG Development Authority
Kathren and Michael Fogg
Sidney Gay
Mr. and Mrs. Thelon Hamby
Laura and Blair Harlin
Ralph Howard
Gail Hunnicutt
Emily and Chris Joseph
Carole and Kelly Linch
Carolyn and Mickey McCoy
Caroline Nivens
Jan O’Sullivan
Dodie Patterson
Shirley and Jim Pennebaker
Tony Peregoy
Martha and Tom Pirkle
Commander Glenn Quiggle, USN, RET
Lea and J.M. Rawlinson
Margaret Schaufler
Murray Schine
Laura Shedd
Mary Anne and H.R. Shepherd
Debbie and Sandy Simmons
Martha and Horace Thom
Debbie and Joe Thompson
Colonel George Edward Thurmond
Marty and Dane Wagner
Clairnelle and Andy Wilkerson
The Zachry Family
Eve and John McKibben

Updated 5 Sept 2023

L’Hermione Society Members – $50

Molly and Bobby Carmichael
Tim Chisholm
Charles Creekman
Frances Ellis
Zelda and Morris Jones
Sue Larkin
Margaret Lukken
Patti and Larry Lybrand
Beverly and Alfred McNair
Carlene and Freeman Mills
Bonnie Norrick
Debbie and Randy Ogle
Shirra and Hoyt Rogers
Julie and Skip Smith
Patricia Smith
Anne H. Stich
Mary Ann Wilson

Updated 5 Sept 2023

Lafayette Supporter – $25

Shirley and Jeff Brown
Denise and Ken Fine
Jane Fryer
Pat Gilbert
Charlotte Houze
Arleen Fields
Madison Stevens


Updated 5 May 2022