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The Lafayette Connection—What’s It About?

July 26, 2018 Journal

Some people seem to think: I live in a town with a French name, but nobody I know speaks French here. There’s a fountain in our downtown square with a statue of a long-dead Frenchman,…Read More

Shrimp Lafayette

July 26, 2018 Journal

“Shrimp Lafayette” catches my eye.  I ask the waitress about it. Janice, Dad, and I had hiked Ocean Path Trail in Acadia National Park.  We settle in for a late lunch at Galyn’s Restaurant, on…Read More

Lafayette: Lifelong Protester

March 14, 2018 Journal

I am not native to this area.  I was raised some five hours west of here in Alabama. My hometown of Fayette and my adopted home of LaGrange are, coincidentally, both named for the Marquis…Read More

Marquis de Lafayette and Education

February 13, 2018 Journal

While teaching my eighth grade US history classes during their American Revolution unit, I asked my students, “Do you know we have our own Revolutionary War hero right here in LaGrange?”  A student responded, “Do…Read More

Lafayette and LaGrange as Destination

December 19, 2017 Journal

Georgia House Resolution 899 was put in the hopper January 18, 2018, by Representative Randy Nix and co-sponsors Trammell and Pezold, and passed unanimously:  “Now, therefore, be it resolved by the House of Representatives that…Read More