People Ask Me Why

April 13, 2022 Journal

I was at a fast food joint,

Making notes with my ball point,

When Jay Leno came to mind,

Where he would find

Random people on the street,

Give a cordial meet and greet,

Then give them the mike

And ask a question, like,

“The American Revolution and World War Two,

Which came first, is my question for you.”

It’s not unreasonable for that random person to know,

It’s not a really low blow.

But his eyes showed stress,

Forehead wrinkled and under duress.

Finally, he had to acquiesce.

“I’m only thirty years old.

I was never told,

Besides, it’s cold.”

He implied a brain freeze,

But the temperature was seventy degrees.

Not cold enough to freeze his brain.

His excuse was really lame.

So, I went on a quest,

I gave my own test.

My coffee needed re-fill

Before I paid the bill.

So, I asked the attendant,

Who looked resplendent

In his shirt and slacks,

Perhaps it was McDonald’s or Jacks,

Chick-Fil-A or Taco Bell,

I can’t remember truth to tell.

I pointed to the Square,

Impartial and fair,

 I asked, “Who does the statue represent?’

He was not too confident.

“I have been here

Only maybe a year,

And I fear,

I do not know,” he said.

I ran this test once more,

As I was walking out the door.

It was a girl this time.

She gave an answer most sublime.

“I think it’s Colonel LaGrange.”

This answer was not so strange.

Colonel Oscar La Grange faced the Nancy Harts,

Civil War women defending these parts.

It was clear,

Things we hold dear

Are wrapped in Lafayette’s story,

In his search for honor and glory.

It must be told.

It is so bold.

Liberty, Equality, and Justice, it’s true,

Is what he hoped for me and for you.

Respect and Re-ci-pro-ci-ty is what it takes,

For Democracy to flourish, for heaven sakes.

Courage and gratitude must be part of the batter,

Or else all the rest will not matter.

I need you at the table

As you are able

To tell others these facts,

And get into the Lafayette acts. 

Marie-Paul-Joseph                                          Motto:  Cur Non!

Yves-Roch-Gilbert                                           Other Motto:  Vis Sat Contra Fatum!

Du-Mo-ti-er                                                    Birthday:  September 6, 1757