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Take a Fresh Look at Lafayette

August 29, 2020 Journal

Many of us, I suspect, have so often driven past the statue of the Marquis de Lafayette that he fades into the background and blends into the trees; like family, we take him for granted.…Read More

The Most Popular Man in America

April 16, 2019 Journal

He was the most popular man in America.  More than this, he was also the most revered.  This month marks the anniversary of his Farewell Tour across Georgia.  The Marquis de Lafayette was not only…Read More

Lafayette Scholar Comes to LaGrange

April 16, 2019 Journal

Alan Hoffman is a Lafayette Scholar.  He’s coming to LaGrange. Pitch a crowd of scholars into a Lafayette Scholar sifter and what sieves through is a little less than six feet, wearing a compact bowtie,…Read More